Life Safety

50% of the top ten TJC citations in hospitals are for fire safety. For ambulatory healthcare facilities and critical access hospitals, the number one environment of care citation is fire safety.

To alter this trend, facility and safety managers must be well-versed in their knowledge of the TJC standards and Life Safety Code requirements. Fire safety vendors must be better trained, better managed and held accountable for the services they provide. CMS/TJC holds facilities accountable to NFPA requirements.

We offer on-site and remote services to assist organizations with all aspects of fire safety:

  • Review fire drills and training
  • Review fire protection systems testing documentation
  • Conduct detailed building tours
  • Review and update the SOC and PFIs
  • Review and update Life Safety Drawings
  • Review ILSM policy and timely implementation
  • Train key facility and safety staff and vendors on NFPA requirements
  • Advise on best practices for managing fire safety compliance
  • Provide ongoing monitoring of identified deficiencies